Funded Research Projects
Current Projects:
Recent Externally Funded Projects:
  • PI Collaborative Technology Hardened for Hazardous Environments, 2018-2019, total £1.3M (£400K for Lancaster University); funded by the Industry Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) through InnovateUK; a high calibre Research Associate is sought for this project

  • co-I, Rutherford Strategic Partnership Strategic Partnership “Innovations in Food Security” with Argentina (PI Prof. M. Rufino), £150K; visiting post-doctoral Fellow hosted on this programme (Dr Raul Gimenez) for 9 months (2018-2019)

  • PI, New Machine Learning Methods, 2015-2017, funded (£12K) by The Royal Society, a collaboration with Prof. Jose C. Principe, University of Florida;


Previous Externally Funded Projects:


Internal and Small projects:
  • Founding member, Centre of Excellence on CyberSecurity, EPSRC and GCHQ, £50K seed money, 2012-2022

  • Distinguished Visitor Program (DVP) grant, £4,200, April-June 2019

  • IAA (Impact Acceleration Award): PTI: Platform Train Interface, EPSRC and Lancaster University funded, £9K, 2018

  • PISARIVA: Smartphone App for Real-time Intelligent VideoAnalytics; funded by Security Lancaster, £2K, Dec. 2013-June 2014, see also the smartphone app WhatMovesApp at Google Play

  • PI, Development of methods, algorithms and software for autonomous novelty detection by moving camera; funded by Security Lancaster, £1.2K, June-July 2012

  • PI, EvoMap: On-Chip Implementation of Intelligent Information Modelling using EVOlving MAPping, funded by Lancaster University, 2004-05, £8,500  

  • PI, Study of map-building and target recognition with autonomous mobile robot Pioneer-DX3, funded by Nuffield Foundation, 2005, £1,260

Consultancy and other research projects:
  • EST software, $14,000; funded by Ford

  • Consultancy, 'UAS Passive Sense, Detect and Avoid Algorithm Development', 2009-2010, £24,000; funded by BAE Systems - this project is a part of ASTRAEA, (Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation & Assessment)- phase 2, a national multimillion programme that includes several multinational companies and leading Universities


 Past Externally Funded Research Projects:
  • PI, Application of Fuzzy Rule-based Models in Building HVAC Systems Simulation, EPSRC funded (GR/M97299), £49,990, 2000-2001

  • Co-I, Building System Design Synthesis and Optimization, ASHRAE funded (RP-1049), $181,000, 1999-2002

  • EUNITE (EUropean Network of excellence in Intelligent TEchnologies for smart adaptive systems), sponsored by the European Commission (IST 2000-29207), 2001-2004; Value €1,215,000. Role: Member of the Research and Theory Development Committee,Key Node, supervision of 2 postgraduate students.

  • Principal Investigator in Industry-funded (NEC) project "Electrical Load Forecasting by Neural Networks", 600 000 BGL 1994-1996

  • Visiting Researcher in the DAAD  funded project at Hans-Knoell Institute, Jena, Germany, 8 000 DEM, 1996
    Application of GA for optimisation of processes described by fuzzy models.  

  • Research Fellow in the NFSI funded project "Modelling and Optimisation of Food Industry Processes", CC-338/93, 1993-1996 

  • Research Fellow in the NFSI funded project "New Methods for Control of Processes of Microbial Synthesis", TH-189/90, 1990-1993

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